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Most adult film fans think that there's no sex quite as wild or crazy as what their favorite performers are doing on film, but according to tall brunette MILF Tiffany Brookes, that's not quite true. "I feel that my personal sex life is more exciting than my porn life. If I can somehow get that on film, people will know what I'm talking about." Tiffany has only dropped a few tantalizing details of what her off-camera sexcapades entail, like a gangbang with a group of pro athletes at the absolute peak of physical fitness and stamina, but it sure sounds breathtaking! Until Tiffany posts her private sex tapes for all her fans to enjoy, though, her porn videos are more than thrilling enough for most aficionados of smut. This powerhouse performer with the supercharged libido that has her playing with her own pussy an admitted four or five times a day has picked up plenty of tricks in the over a decade she's been in the biz, so watch Tiffany get plenty crazy in her scenes now!

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